Park Management’s Core Values

Vereniging Park Management Rivium's primary objective is to achieve and maintain a high level of quality in the area where your business is based. Cleanliness, comprehensiveness and safety are Rivium Park Management’s core values.

Attention to and care for outdoor public spaces is of great importance. Verheij Integrale Groenzorg, a company from Sliedrecht, won a contract from the Rivium Park Management Association to maintain both the private gardens and the public green areas at Rivium. The Association receives an annual budget from the municipality for this purpose. Changes to the gardens or planting in the gardens occurs on an individual basis and can be arranged with the people at Verheij.
For more information, visit and read the interview with project leader Martijn Honders, who is the contact person between Verheij Integrale Groenzorg and Rivium.

Optimal maintenance of the public green spaces
For a number of years now, Verheij Integrale Groenzorg has been responsible for the maintenance of both public green spaces and private gardens at Rivium Busines Park. “When you visit Rivium, your first impression should be positive: freshly-mown grass, flowers in bloom, well-maintained hedge rows. Everything should look well cared for.”, according to Martijn Honders, project manager at Verheij.

He manages the gardeners who are at work at Rivium almost every day. According to Martijn Honders, a collaboration has evolved between the Verheij gardeners and the people working at Rivium. ‘This is an enjoyable job. Rivium has made a clear choice for high maintenance which is quite unusual in these difficult financial times.” This ensures that the green spaces are well looked-after. The project manager points out the renovation of the flower beds on the Rivium boulevard. The old lavender plants have been replaced by perennial plants. It has to be said; the result is amazing.

In addition to Martijn Honders, Foreman Henk Bor is also active at Rivium. Henk Bor is the face of Verheij at Rivium. Together with his team, he looks after the day-to-day maintenance of all green areas. They also ensure that their work inconveniences the office personnel as little as possible. One of the ways he and his team do this is by making sure that hedgerows near parking spaces are kept well-clipped, to avoid twigs falling on cars.

Communication, sustainability and being pro-active are qualities which are greatly appreciated at Rivium and they contribute towards a good working relationship with Verheij. On Verheij’s website you will regularly find information about their maintenance of green areas and photos of current projects.
Foto’s: Henk Bor is bijna dagelijks op Rivium in actie.

Lamp posts, road signs and other signage should look well-maintained and should work properly. Our approach focuses on carrying out repairs as soon as possible, in cooperation with the municipality.

A safe work place and environment is crucial. The security firm SERIS Security Group Nederland guards the business park daily from 5pm to 7am and patrols in a surveillance car. This surveillance is backed-up by entry point checks in the form of barriers and security cameras. The firm also carries out a number of security checks during the day at weekends.

Within the context of a public-private partnership between the municipality, police and security firm and the Rivium Park Management Association, SERIS Security is in direct contact with the police control room and reports disturbances and receives instructions in emergency situations.

Every business at Rivium can avail of the agreed collective rate for responses to alarms. Businesses are encouraged to employ SERIS Security because this firm is present here at the business park and so can respond rapidly to an alarm.

Safety first
Rivium offers a premium, professional image and high level of service to the businesses based here. The park management ensures this. Other collective services include the maintenance of green spaces and security. In addition to being an inspirational environment, Rivium also aims to be a safe environment. SERIS Security guards the entire business park on weekdays from 5pm to 7am and at the weekend from 10pm to 7am in a surveillance car.

“In the periods when the business park is less busy, we keep an eye on things. At night-time, our security guards are regularly on patrol, says General Manager Léon Maas. He points out that, in addition to the general security services provide under the terms of the collective agreement, some businesses choose to make additional arrangements, such as response to alarms and carrying out fire, locking-up and opening-up checks. In that case, the security guards carry out a fire check/locking-up round and activate the building’s alarm. Then, in the morning, they open up the building again and deactivate the alarm so that employees can enter safely.

Furthermore, there is an agreement between the municipality, police, Rivium Park Management and SERIS security by which the security is in direct contact with the police emergency room. This ensures the lines of communication are kept short.

According to Mr Maas, the GM, Rivium is an interesting client for the firm. “It’s a collective approach which is in the interests of everyone, including of course all businesses based there.”
Photo; Seris Security Nederland patrol cars on patrol in the small hours