Rivium Park Management Association

The Rivium Park Management Association is active behind the scenes raising the profile of Rivium Business Park in the Rotterdam area, as a first class business park.

The members of the Rivium Park Management Association formally represent property rights. In the general terms of sale of building plots on the Rivium Brienenoord Business Centre in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel (stipulated in the deed of 5 October 1993 executed before a civil-law notary) it states that – by the execution of the deed of transfer – the purchaser becomes a member of the Rivium Park Management Association and that, should the purchased lot be resold, the membership is transferred to the successor(s).

Furthermore, there are many businesses which fall into the category of tenant. Both owners and tenants receive invitations to a members’ meeting.

During members’ meetings, formal issues, such as investments, agreeing on amounts for contributions, approving the annual financial statements and electing the committee are dealt with briefly. More time is allocated to topical issues which affect every business and employee at the business park, such as accessibility, parking, public transport, sign-posting, catering facilities and public image

During the General Members’ Meeting of September 17th 1991, three mandatory services were agreed, including the fees associated therewith:

  • a. General management and extra facilities.
  • b. Park security.
  • c. Management of green spaces on private land.

Objectives of the Association:

  • a. ensuring best practice is followed and quality remains high at the business park in the broadest sense, as well as being of service to owners and users of the business park and to the municipality.
  • b. the Association endeavours to reach this objective through, amongst other things, facilitating good relations between the businesses at the business park on a business to business level, and business to municipality level.
  • c. The Association is not-for-profit.